Outfit Branding & Design | New Year, New Us
Outfit Branding & Design is a brand-center design firm dedicated to effective brand strategy and bold visual graphic design.
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Outfit OU New Year, New Us

New Year, New Us

Outfit is a new brand from Public Marking (our parent company and first venture) that specializes exclusively on brand-driven graphic design and communications.

Why did we start this?

First of all, let’s talk about the name: Outfit. With Public Marking, people continued to confuse us as either a marketing company or one of many other US-based design firms with the name ‘Public’ in it.

However, the primary reason has nothing to do with the name and more to do with our audience. When we started PM, we aimed to reach a broad audience that needed both graphic needs and thoughtful strategy. As we progressed in our business, we saw a segmentation and distinction among our clients that can categorized into two groups: 1) people who need to stand out (Outfit) and 2) people who need high-quality graphic design (Public Marking). These two groups have distinct needs, perspectives and resources.

Hence, Outfit was born.

Simply put, Outfit means a set of clothes, to equip, or a group of people with a shared purpose. Our values of client-centered bespoke service, bringing people together through communications, and stylish contemporization made the name perfect.

As we move into the future, we are excited to be part of this new chapter and make great brands happen.



Larry + Wendy

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