Outfit Branding & Design | Strategic, bold logo, identity & brand design from Outfit Branding & Design
Strategic, bold logo, identity & brand design from Outfit Branding & Design. Expertise, experience, combined over 23 years experience. Outfit Branding is a duo of brand and design experts ready to help you take your company to the next level.
branding, logo design, brand strategy, graphic design, modern logo
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The best design is the result of thoughtful strategy and bold creativity.

We are a Los Angeles-based, husband and wife team (and division of Public Marking) with a combined 24 years of design experience. With backgrounds in branding, fine arts, creative direction, graphic design and fashion, we offer a potent mix of contemporary visual appeal and detailed, effective strategy supported by bespoke, personalized service.

Our Team

Outfit Branding & Design Larry Nguyen
Larry Nguyen,
Strategy + Left Brain

Larry is the left-brain of the company, having worked in both Design Director and Creative Director roles in his 11-year career and primarily focusing on strategy, and identity. He brings an in-depth understanding of branding and implementation with a high level of detail and craft.

Outfit Branding & Design Wendy Tuan
Wendy Tuan,
Creativity + Right Brain

Wendy is the right-brain of the company, having come from a Fine Arts background from the University of California Berkeley, before focusing on contemporary fashion and branding. In addition to design, she is a skilled illustrator, calligrapher, and letterer – all of which has been crucial for our clients in building unique, authentic and crafted brand experiences.

Our Process

Outfit Branding & Design Discovery
1. Discovery

We strive to understand your business and what you want to accomplish as a brand. This includes a comprehensive brand audit and platform meeting, competitive analyses and digging into your business imperatives.

Outfit Branding & Design Articulation
2. Articulation

Through a comprehensive brief, we present an effective strategy that expresses what makes you special and unique. This includes a condensed brand flow chart, service/product positioning, brand positioning, brand promise, mood board, and attributes.

Outfit Branding & Design Ideation
3. Ideation

We create a suite of assets that govern your brand—everything from logos to color palette to patterns/textures—all the aspects that result in a signature look and feel that communicates your values, story and positioning.

Outfit Branding & Design Application
4. Application

We implement your brand across different media touchpoints to ensure the most cohesive, memorable and distinct visual experience. Our capability includes: print, web, packaging, stationery, collateral, retail environment and more.



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Visual Identity

Brand Strategy

Identity Systems


Slogan + Tagline






Ad Campaigns


Retail Environment


Website Design


Social Media Graphics

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Art Direction

Creative Direction



Footwear Development

Apparel Graphics


Hallmark Greetings


American Red Cross

Draco Hygienic Products, Inc.

Piyo Piyo

Amg Vietnam

International Cricket Council

Barry’s Bootcamp

Deakin University Australia

Sports Environment Alliance

Schott NYC

Athletic Recon

Ed Hardy

Seymour Duncan

University of Colorado

A Gringo in Buenos Aires

Boxing Cat Brewery

AB InBev

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